Mission of The Inspection Companies

The job of the inspection company is to determine whether the requested cargo to be inspected passes or fails the specified criteria and reports the results (and in some cases reports them in the form of certificates to the specified form).

One of the important jobs is to lead to acceptance by proposing improvement measures at the time of pass/fail judgment. In addition, by proving the truth as a third party with no interest, we will help to expedite the access and distribution, avoid troubles between contractors, and support the continuous good relationship.

What are the established standards?

  • Laws and regulations of the importing country
  • International standards and standards (JIS, JAS, ASTM, DIN, ISO, SNI, etc.)
  • Contracts between importers and importers (size range, component value range, color peel range, packaging method, expiration date, etc.)
  • Other criteria required by the requester

The quality of the goods is proportional to the quality of the inspection. Products that pass strict inspections are branded as selected items and distributed safely. The most important task for inspection companies is to keep their efforts to ensure that stable, high-quality inspections are always carried out.

Inspection type

Government-based inspections (pre-shipment inspections, conformity inspections, etc.)

Non-life cargo insurance inspections

Third-party inspections (quantity, quality, packaging, etc.)

Industrial product inspections