3rd Party Inspection

Third party inspection is totally based on the requirements by the applicant.  Contrary to the Government regulated inspections, third party inspection is for the client companies including sellers/buyers of trade, project managers or for any company/person who needs assurance of the goods, cargo or services. The inspection company will check, inspect and verify the Cargo, Products, Services, System or Environment in compliance with the required specification or contract.  Following are the examples of each inspection:

  • Cargo Inspection:
    Quantity and Quality check of the cargo and goods
    Marking and Labeling
    Confirmation of export-worthiness
    Packing condition
    Loading supervision to assure the safety shipment (pre-loading survey)
  • Product Inspection:
    Size and Dimension of products
    Shelf-life (for foods etc.)
    Labels and Indication
  • Service or Environment Inspections
    Factory audit for quality control
    Company investigation to confirm existence of the office/building, trade, financial state etc.
    Check of Customer satisfaction of services
    Check of Client system execution

Inspection method (example)

Inspection method is decided upon confirmation of the client requirement and document available.  When there is no specific requirement for inspection of cargo, for example, ISO Sampling Standard or AQL will be implemented.