Malaysia Inspection (Scrap) Follow-up Report 005

Information of the number of containers to be inspected when shipping Metal Scrap / Waste Paper by using container to Malaysia.

Certificates are issued per each B/L and the number of containers to be inspected is based on the table below.

Example: If 10 containers are in 1 B/L, 3 containers are necessary to be inspected.

Number of container to be inspected per Total container count

Total container count / 1 Bill of Lading Number of containers to be inspected
2-8 containers 2 containers
9 to 15 containers 3 containers
16 to 25 containers 5 containers
26 to 50 containers 8 containers
51 to 90 containers 13 containers
91 to 150 containers 20 containers
151 to 280 containers 32 containers

Inspection of cargo

Cargo Inspection

If the cargo is packed in bails, flexible container bags, pallets, drums, etc., we will unpack and inspect two pieces per container.

If unpacking is difficult, we will observe the packing operation.

If the cargo is packed in bulk, we will inspect the cargo before vanning.

For more details, please refer to Metal Scrap /Waste Paper Inspection for Malaysia.