Malaysia Inspection (Scrap) Follow-up 006

◆ About classification of waste paper European standard quality classification (EN643) is used for the classification of waste paper, and the % that impurities and waste paper of another classification are allowed to be mixed varies depending on the classification. It is necessary to self-report the classification EN code in the inspection application form. Please write the product name in the code table. Please leave it blank when exporting metal scrap.   ◆ About weight measurement of waste paper When performing a sample inspection of 2 bales per container, weight measurement is required. Please prepare the brand name, serial number, and calibration date (calibration document) of the weigh scale used for the measurement. If you have not calibrated, conduct an interview.   ◆The inspection application has been updated. The newest one is 20220502. Please use the above and apply.   ◆ About the schedule of the inspection application Currently, it takes about 5 days from the inspection application to the actual inspection. We accept the application form and conduct preliminary assessments at the Baltic Control Research Department, and we have time to assess with photos such as product classification. The application for the inspection must be about 8 business days before the inspection date can be dispatched to the desired inspection date. Please apply as soon as possible.