Scope of Inspections available

  1. Final Inspection /Audit of completed commodities
  2. Review of Manufacturer’s Material Certificate
  3. Review of Manufacturer’s Test Records
  4. Review of Exporter’s Packing List
  5. Expediting
  6. Monitoring
  7. Review of all specifications and drawings to ensure that there are no conflicting point and that they are fully understood by all concerned.
  8. Review of test certificates to insure that chemical and physical properties of materials to be used are suitable for their intended services.
  9. Witness of physical tests on materials required for special service.
  10. Review of Welding Procedures and Welding operator’s Qualifications or witness of Qualification Tests if required.
  11. Inspection of workmanship, appearance, finish, dimensions and surface condition of materials for the fabrication of main components.
  12. In-Process inspections/audits at appropriate stages of manufacture to insure that all components will satisfy the requirements of the specifications for the final assembly.
  13. Check of dimensions, workmanship, finish, appearance and operation of all parts and components.
  14. Witness of shop tests and performance tests to ensure that the completed equipment fulfills the rated performance standards.
  15. Check of disassembly and overhaul inspection as appropriate for any evidence of abnormal stresses or wear in the parts of the equipment.
  16. Inspection of accessories and spare parts.
  17. Check of cleaning, oiling, rust proofing, packaging, export packing and marking of equipment and components to ensure proper protection against damage during handling and shipment.