Insurance Survey

When any damage to the insured cargo is detected on arrival, the insurance company sends their surveyor to inspect the condition of cargo and investigate and reason for the damage to analyze and assess the magnitude of the incident and lost value.

Examples of causes of loss:

  • Damage to cargo due to poor curing loading/securing manner
  • Wet cargo due to container damage
  • Damage caused by marine vessel accidents
  • Loss of cargo in transmission
  • Entry of harmful creatures
  • Damage to cargo caused by electric or mechanical disorder during transportation on the vessel or to the container

Directly or indirectly insured parties including the consignee and shipping agents are responsible for reporting the abnormality in the cargo to the insurance company as soon as it is found.  Those parties are also assumed to prepare at least the following record to verify that the incident occurred during the transportation or in the insured zone:

  • Shipping documents (Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Bill/Airway Bill of Lading)
  • Arrival Notice
  • Equipment Interchange Receipt (for FCL cargo)
  • Damage report by the party/person who witnessed the damage (with name, date and place)
  • Notice of loss
  • Photo of the cargo / goods taken at the time of loss (found) before it is further transported
  • Names of parties/persons in charge of the cargo after arrival
  • The route of the cargo after arrival to the place where the damage was found
  • Pre-Loading inspection record, if any.