About Us

Company Name Safety Tech Inc.
Location zip 651-0083
Kobe Commerce and Industry Trade Center Building 20F, 5-1-14 Hamabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Pref.
Url https://www.safetytech.co.jp
Main business Pre-shipment inspections under government ordinances
Pre-shipment inspection at the request from business entities
Technical inspection
Inspection for quality conformance (government requirement)
Inspection of imported goods on arrival
Loading survey
Expediting Service
History JUL 1998 Safety Tech Founded in Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture
DEC 1998 Start of technical inspection service for SGS Group
DEC 1998 Start of Used capital equipment inspection service for PT SURVEYOR INDONESIA
AUG 1999 Start of technical inspection service for BUREAU VERITAS
JUN 2000 Enter into Agent Agreement with SGS, SOCIETE GENERAL DE SURVEILLANVE  S.A. (Swiss headquarters)
JUN 2000 Start of pre-shipment inspections service for SGS
SEP 2002 Certified as “Dream Catch Project” N-KOBE Hyogo Venture Market Business Plan
JUL 2006 Certified as Hyogo Prefecture Venture Market Business Plan
DEC 2006 Certified by Hyogo Prefecture Management Innovation Planning
MAR 2007 Start of Cotecna’s Pre-Shipment inspection and Commercial inspection business
May 2007 Start Certification Business on Food law and regulations with GROUPO FS Co., Ltd. (Peru) And technology partnership
AUG 2008 Changed Corporate name from Limited Company to  Co., Ltd.
JAN 2010 Start Bulk / Break bulk Cargo inspection for goods to the  designated by the Philippine (COTECNA)
JUL 2010 Start of conformity inspections of the goods for the Middle East (SGS)
OCT 2010 Contracted with TMS Global Services on Insurance Survey
OCT 2011 Signed a Technical Agreement with CABI (Indonesian Food Analysis Center) at Food Expo Indonesia
DEC 2012 Signed a MOU on Consultancy for agricultural goods with the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia
MAR 2013 Start of inspection for APLUS VELOSI Group as a Japanese agent
FEB 2018 Start of inspection for BALTIC CONTROL A/S, Denmark as the inspection agent