001: Bottle of olive oil partially damaged

On arrival, 1% of the entire cargo (5 cases damaged) was found.

The exporter suggested deducting the price of the five cases from the bill without insurance coverage.

The importer suggested deducting 30% (150 cases) of product labels changing in spilled oil from the bill.

The importers and importers agreed on the terms and conditions for the damage, but no contract was made for the dirt.

As a result of the talk, we were able to set a standard of “good products within 1 cm square of the size of the dirt”.

Based on this criteria, 2,858 (119 cases) were inspected for dirt when the entire 150 cases were inspected. With this result, the problem was solved by discounting 5 cases by 100% and 119 cases by 50%.

During this inspection, in addition to the dirt on the label due to damage, other problems were discovered, such as a loss of the position where the label is affixed and dirt sticking to the adhesive part of the label.

Depending on the national nature and the company’s way of thinking, exterior packaging needs perfection, and there is a saying that the contents are important, but the best way is to pay money to match the needs of consumers who purchase it.

In this case, both sides reviewed the contract contents again and trade seems to continue even now. Rather than wasting time and money on starting trade due to trouble, it is more beneficial to be able to continue trading by adding third-party inspections and resolving them business-likely.