002: Fewer arrivals

Container shipments are down

After the container arrives, if you open the door, you can think of it when there is not enough cargo

[Things to check]

  • Whether the contents of the shipment document match the contract document
  • Whether the ship’s seal was damaged

[Possible causes]

  • The quantity was not enough from the beginning.
  • It was pulled out by customs of the shipping country and the importing country, etc.
  • I was robbed by a gang of robbers.
  • The container was damaged and fell out.

【What to do】

Request an inspection company at the time of loading, and ask for container seal locking of an inspection company different from the shipping seal At the time of customs inspection, a third party will be asked to meet the inspection staff.

[Value to try using a third party]

If it is theft and insurance coverage, damage is covered, but realistic damage such as late delivery is enormous Before, there were many methods to unlock and re-lock container seals using special drugs, but container seals were also improved and the number of crimes was decreasing. However, as a new way to make container seals with 3D printers, there are cases where they are made. Crime continues to evolve, and unfortunately, theft of goods in containers seems to be no exception. With the container seal of the inspection company locked, the trouble of unlocking the lock increases for the criminal, and it is clear at a glance that it has been specially inspected, so it seems that it is worth using a third party as a tool to prevent damage before the hurdles go up.