003:Request for inspection from business partner

I got an email from an importer.

Please be conducted Inspection at your site before shipment. (Please get inspected in Japan before shipment) I thought it was export customs customs, so when I exported it, the import permission did not come down locally! The reason is: There was no “pre-shipment inspection pass certificate” required for import customs. The last time I exported it, it was unnecessary! Have you experienced anything like this? It is also a reality that it is not uncommon for the rules of importing countries to suddenly change, requiring or unnecessary inspections, and changing the content. Even if we pay attention, it is not easy for us inspection companies to follow the situation of the other country and obtain accurate information. Therefore, the laws and regulations of importing countries change in an instant by political judgment. On the other hand, it does not change in an instant, and someday? How will that change? It is the most troublesome for the site to become a back-end to such policies, and there will be confusion in logistics.

It is surprisingly difficult to grasp the rules of the other country.

When importing in Japan, it is necessary to “prepare the necessary documents” for the import declaration, “pass the inspection of the cargo”, and “pay tax”. Vegetables, etc. require a phytosanitary certificate from the importing source government, household appliances require procedures under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act before import, whether they fall outside the import prohibited products, and other laws and regulations related to imports are related to the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act, the Alien Biological Law, the Food Sanitation Law, the Pharmaceuticals Act, the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, the Cultural Property Protection Act, the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, etc., and it is not easy for even us in Japan to clear the three items. Likewise, each other country has its own laws and regulations, and it is difficult to understand them. It is necessary to obtain information on the other country as much as possible and to prepare carefully with the person in charge of the business partner.

“Daijobu” is not a magic word.

If you export according to the words of the business partner “I can send it because it is good. I can face customs”, it will fail and ship back. Importers also hear the story of dron without paying. Even if you can clear it with 5 lucky times, if you fail the 6th time, you will not be able to profit for 5 times. The importing country government conducts trade inspections to collect appropriate taxes. It is exactly looking for the object of the arrest “Because it is a great good!”.

By the way, what should I do with the inspection?

Even if inspection is actually required, it is a troublesome job with application method, application destination, necessary documents. Even in the ongoing trade, we may be hit by changes in laws and regulations, such as the out of the blue. Please contact us as we often have specific information about the inspection.