Metal scrap/waste paper inspection for Malaysia

A certificate of inspection of scrap metal/waste paper for Malaysia is required. Baltic Control will be in charge of inspecting eligible shipments shipped from Japan to Malaysia and will issue a certificate.

  1. Decree and Law Government Announcement
  2. Items to be inspected and tax number
  3. Import prohibited items and tax numbers are not applicable
  4. Radiation dose standards
  5. Moisture content standards for waste paper
  6. Number of samples to be inspected
  7. Flow until certificate issuance
  8. Required documents updated 2023/2/9 Proofreading certificate and import license added to the required documents of the application form / English notation of the names of witnesses and exporters added / Corrected the veil number formula on page 2 /  New
  9. Inspection cost
  10. To apply

1. Laws and Government Announcements SIRIM Scrap Import Guidelines: Importation of Metal Scrap & Waste Paper Guidelines Prohibited Imports (Customs (Prohibition of Imports) (amendment) (no. 2) ORDER 2022 Press Release (Scrap Metal): MEDIA RELEASE (Guidelines_MetalScrap_Malaysia) Approved Inspection Company Waste Paper Product Code List: (EN643 Code List) Japanese version 2.    Items to be inspected and tax number Scrap metal scrap STEEL SCRAP

HS Code / Tax No. For more information DESCRIPTION
7204 Ingots for remelt of steel waste and steel  Waste and scrap of cast iron steel remelting scrap ingots
10 000 Cast Iron Scrap Waste and scrap of cast iron
21. 000 – Stainless steel – Of stainless steel
29 000 – Other things – Other
30 000 Scraps of steel plated with tin Waste and scrap of tinned iron or steel
41 100. Of tin plate plate Of tin plate
900 – Other things – Other
49 100. Tin-plated cutting scraps and punching Of tin plate
49 900 – Other things – Other
50 000 Ingots for remelt Remelting scrap ingots
7404 00 000 Copper Waste Copper waste and scrap.
7602 00 000 Aluminum waste Aluminium waste and scrap.

  Waste Paper Waste Paper

HS Code / Tax No. For more information DESCRIPTION
4707 10 000 Kraft paper or kraft paperboard and corrugated paper or paperboard (mainly cardboard) Unbleached kraft paper or paperboard or of corrugated paper or paperboard
20 000 Other paper or paperboard, mainly from exposed chemical pulp, excluding colored wholes (2) Copy paper, etc. Of other paper or paperboard made mainly of bleached chemical pulp, not coloured in the mass
30 100. an old newspaper Over-issued newspapers
900 Other items (flyers, magazines, etc.) Other
90 000 Containing unsalified waste paper Other, including unsorted waste and scrap

4707.30 : A mix of non-drifting items such as newspapers, flyers, magazines, etc. can be exported 4707.90: Prohibited import items (if three types of cardboard / used paper / newspaper, flyer, magazine are not classified, import prohibition   3. Prohibited Items and Tax Numbers Not Applicable A. RULES OF MALAYSIA SIRAM METAL SCRAP STEEL SCRAP

Inspection criteria breakdown Requirement (weight ratio) %
Tax No. 7204 Tax No. 7404 Tax No. 7602
Iron and Steel 94.75% or more 5.0% or less 5.0% or less
Nonferrous 5.0% or less 94.75% or more 94.75% or more
Other recycled materials including plastics 0.25% or less 0.25% or less 0.25% or less
Hazardous and hazardous scraps (including electronic component waste materials) 0% 0% 0%
Total 100% 100% 100%

Waste Paper Waste Paper

No… Group requirement
1 Paper Type and Grade (EN Code Table, Japanese) The % of unnecessary items and non-paper contamination permits varies depending on the product. MS EN (P) 643: 2021 Paper and Board – List of European Standard Grades of Paper and Paperboard for Recycling
2 Designated waste 0%
3 Hazardous materials other than designated waste (medical waste, scraps of electronic equipment parts, dangerous goods, poisons, products corroded by polymer-based packaging materials, household waste, organic substances, sanitary products such as diapers, raw products, insects, food, rotten goods) 0%
4 Impurities (metals, plastics, glass, textile products, pieces of wood, sand, synthetic chemicals) 0.01% or less
5 Impurities other than those listed above 0.5% or less

  B. Scheduled Waste (Designated Waste) Prohibited Importation Designated Waste List If the designated waste is confirmed at the time of inspection and cannot be easily removed it will fail the inspection C. Electronic and Electrical Wastes Used TVs, personal computers, and other electrical and electronic equipment that are disassembled, recycled or disposed of without being used. If the electrical waste is confirmed at the time of inspection and cannot be easily removed, the inspection will fail D. Basel Convention Overview of Export Control of Waste, etc. (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) March 2022 If a substance subject to the Basel Convention is confirmed at the time of inspection and cannot be easily removed, the inspection will be rejected 4.    Radiation dose standard Material measurement standard: 0,25 μGy/h or less If the measured value in the atmosphere is 0.10 μGy/h, it will be reported with the result of 5 measurements of 1 μGy/hr = 1 μSv In the case of on-site inspection without radiation measurement equipment, early application is required5.    Moisture content standards for recovered paper According to SIRIM standards, the upper limit of the moisture content of recovered paper is 10%, but in the inspection performed by Baltic Control, if it is up to 12%, the value will be written on the certificate. Reason: Waste paper shipped from Japan is generally capped at 12% in the contract Japan humidity is higher than seasonally The condition is that the contract states that the moisture content is 12% or less. Please note that if it is not stated in the contract, it will be rejected if it exceeds 10%.   6. Number of samples to be inspected Number of inspections per container

Total container count / 1Bill of Lading Number of containers to be inspected
2-8 bottles 2 bottles
9 to 15 bottles 3 bottles
16 to 25 bottles 5 bottles
26 to 50 bottles 8 bottles
51 to 90 bottles 13 bottles
91 to 150 bottles 20 pieces
151 to 280 bottles 32 bottles

Number of samples of the product to be inspected It is necessary to check 2 pieces (veil, bundle, bag, pallet, drum, etc.) for each container to be inspected How to check: Open and check the contents or witness inspection of the creation work Photo correspondence is not possible, If it can not be done on the day of the van packing, inspection is required on another day In that case, you will incur a separate day of inspection costs 7.    Flow until certificate issuance

1. Send the inspection request form, required documents, and product photo jpg (must be submitted at least 8 business days before the desired inspection date) 2. Pre-examination (If permission is obtained by prior inspection, on-site inspection cannot be carried out) 3. On-site inspection (9:00-17:00 is the inspection time of the day) 4. Sending weight certificates (not required if available at the inspection site) 5. Payment of inspection costs (you can pay either in Denmark or Japan) 6. Issuance of certificate (if there is no problem, it will be issued 5 business days after the end of the on-site inspection)

  8. Necessary documents

1. Inspection Request Form (There are 2Sheets on page 2 with the application form)updated February 9, 2023 NEW      If there are multiple inspection locations, please prepare a request form for the number of locations 2. Contracts (Proforma Invoice, Sales Contract, etc.) 3. Packing list (if the number of fillings is unknown, the Tare weight of the packing material is required) 4. Statement Letter Form       5. Calibration certificate of the scale (weighing of container, sample, foreign matter is required) 6. Calibration certificate of radiation dosimeter, if present (radiation dosimetry is mandatory) 7. Product photos (photos that show product details by uploading to some extent for each tax number .jpg) 8. Copy of import license (please prepare in PDF)

  9. Inspection cost Daily inspection fee: $650 + transportation fee (inspectors close to the inspection site will be scheduled) Daily inspection time is 9:00 – 17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) Example) If the total number of containers of 1B/L is 25, 5 containers are subject to inspection. Two samples (veils, bags, pallets, etc.) are inspected in detail for each container to be inspected. Either you can bulk it up and inspect the contents, or you can inspect the contents present at the time of creation. If the inspection of 1B/L lasts for 2 days, the inspection cost is $ 650 + $ 300 + transportation cost is 2 days, if the inspection of 1B/L is over 3 days, the inspection cost is $ 650 + $ 300 + $ 300 + transportation cost is 3 days If there are 2 inspection sites of 1 B/L, the inspection cost is $ 650 + 300 dollars + transportation cost is 2 locations If there are 2 inspection locations of 1B/L but it is completed within the inspection time of 1 day , $650 + transportation cost 2 locations 1 inspector can move to 2 inspection locations ★ ★and everything must be completed in time Cancellation fee will be incurred from the day before the inspection date (0:00). The currency rate will be calculated at the exchange rate on the invoice issue date10.    Application to: Baltic Control Japan General Distributor Safety Tech Co., Ltd. 20th Floor, Kobe Commerce and Industry and Trade Center Building, 5-1-14 Hamabane-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 651-0083, Japan TEL: 078-200-5194 Baltic Control Leased Line e-mail: